Long-established HANKO shop

In 1951, the first generation opened a HANKO shop in Kansai and founded it for nearly 70 years.
The third generation also inherits its will and is independent in the land of HANKO impression culture "Kamakura".
In our shop we value our customers’ pleasure when they receive the item.
From the number of strokes and the desired fortune of the customers who are destined to be lucky at the place of HANKO impression propagation “Kamakura”
I carefully carved one by one carefully in the shop.
Regarding stamping materials, we also visited Rokugo in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan’s largest production area, carefully selected more than 30 kinds of high quality.
In addition, three consecutive “Month Nomis font” is characterized by an elegant and clean flowing stroke.
Especially it will be a lucky HANKO that raises the operation of successful luck, family luck, affectionate luck, health luck,
game of fighting, money luck and so on..