The land of inherited HANKO
culture "Kamakura"

In Kamakura, “Akusejo” used for collecting funds for building temple shrines and temples and temples carved from stone, “HANKO of talcum pattern” were excavated.
In addition, I used a HANKO in the process of making excavated lacquerware in the Middle Ages.HANKO culture that spread during the Kamakura period under Minamoto no Yorimoto, the first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan. Through the trades between the shogunate and the Song dynasty, issuance of documents among samurais, and in trades among common people, HANKOs, “kaō” (stylized signatures), thumb prints and “tsumein” spread throughout the land of Kamakura. Kamakura Hanko is a special HANKO made in Kamakura, a city imbued with such history.

Kamakura Hanko is a HANKO made with traditional Japanese methods from the ancient times. All work is carried out in store.
Our shop is an auspicious stamp shop.
Hanko, Senjuuji, Makie stickers are Japanese culture.
It is said that good luck will come.

With carefully selected natural stone, horns and precious timbers, and HANKO stock blessed by Kamakura’s renowned Shinto shrine, we will create a HANKO from the stroke count of your name, making a most auspicious and appropriate HANKO for you.

HANKO history in Kamakura

In the Kamakura period of Yoritomo, the HANKO culture spreads further.Japan-Sung trade with China, document issuance between samurai and samurai, trading of common people etc.
“HANKO, flower push, thumbprint, nail stamp” was used in the place of Kamakura.In addition, the shrine of the Kamakura shrine or temple which is said to have benefit “the red HANKO” “Kimono, collection book HANKO” etc. used for Kamakura fumashi’s work.Kamakura is also a place where HANKO culture has developed.

“Kamakura”, the city where the samurai regime was born for the first time, is a town where you can enjoy the history, culture and nature of about a thousand years.

Yorito destroyed Heike in the battle of Genpei, became the Shogun general, and opened the shogunate in Kamakura

In addition, Yoritomo and Hojo Masako are said to be good friends with their husband and wife, it is also a place where many people visit and receive power, and it is said that not only couples husband satisfaction, good marriage, kids, winning games, jobs, health Gods live It is.

The HANKO of our shop uses the material we prayed at the historic shrine which is said to be the guardian deity of such Kamakura shogunate.

Kamakura Hanko prays at a shrine representing Kamakura and sculpts each one carefully, so it will be a good lucky substitute for amulets..

〜Lucky charm HANKO〜

For those who believe in omens and signs, for those who are trying to attract their own luck rather than just waiting for it, we are waiting to serve you. “Exquisite traditional HANKOs”

In Kamakura Hanko, the third-generation owner,puts his heart into each HANKO when he finishes them, one-by-one, creating one-and-only for better fortune.

The Japanese signature of ” Hanko” is best for Japanese souvenirs. You can use various stamps for your own stamp. For example, pushing it on a message card.
If you do not have your name, you can also order made. It will be completed in a minimum of 30 minutes (depends on the congestion situation inside the shop). After you order, you can enjoy sightseeing in Kamakura, then you can get the stamp you ordered.